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Installation Directions for Swirls

Swirls is a computer squares program for square dancing. It is "charity-ware"; if it proves useful to you please consider donating to the charity mentioned in the Swirls manual.

Version 7 now released

Swirls Installation Directions for Windows

  1. Download setupswirls.exe using your browser
  2. Run the file: setupswirls
  3. To execute Swirls, click on the Swirls launcher on your desktop
setupswirls.exe was built using Inno; it contains SwirlsArchive.exe which was built by 7zip and, when run, will expand into the directory containing it with Swirls' files. Swirls has been built using GTK v3 (gui toolkit) and MSYS2 (MSYS2).

Swirls Installation Directions for Linux

  1. yum -y install gcc.x86_64 gtk3.x86_64 (you may need to change the suffix depending on your system)
  2. Make a directory; typically $HOME/Swirls
  3. Change to that directory ($HOME/Swirls)
  4. Download Swirls (linux) into that directory
  5. bunzip2 Swirls-linux.tar.bz2
  6. To execute Swirls, type ./swirls

Swirls Installation Directions for MacOS

Unfortunately this is a "not yet". It is in the works!

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