CSC507 - Unix System Programming


Description Link
Course will next be offered Fall 2019 semester
Beginner Bash Bash Guide for Beginners
C Programming with Unix C and Unix course
C Primer DrC's C Tutorial
DrC's Internal Debugger DrChip's Inline Debugger
Editing C with VIM Editing C with Vim
Korn Shell Korn Shell Documentation
Programming the Kernel Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
Simple Sockets Library SSL
Example .vimrc For Students student.vimrc
Example .profile For Students profile.vimrc
Syllabus (Fall 2019) CSC507 Syllabus
Grading Scale Grading Scale
Class 1 : Introduction class01 lecture
        Unix Tools unixtool.pdf
        Examples examples.tar.gz
        Homework Homework #1
        Homework Notes HW01notes.pdf
        How to get Vim Directions
        Vim Tutor vim tutor

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