EasyAccents.txt	EasyAccents				Aug 30, 2010

Author:  Charles E. Campbell  <NdrOchip@ScampbellPfamily.AbizM>
	 (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email first)
Copyright: (c) 2004-2010 by Charles E. Campbell		easyaccents-copyright
           The VIM LICENSE applies to EasyAccents.vim and EasyAccents.txt
           (see copyright) except use "EasyAccents" instead of "Vim"
	  No warranty, express or implied.  Use At-Your-Own-Risk.

1. Contents    				easyaccents easyaccents-contents

	1. Contents.................: easyaccents-contents
	2. EasyAccents Manual.......: easyaccents-manual
	3. Installation.............: easyaccents-install
	4. EasyAccents History......: easyaccents-history


2. EasyAccents Manual  					easyaccents-manual

	The map
	will toggle EasyAccents on and off.  Actually, its
	so you may specify the leading character for the map.

	Alternatively, you may use the
	command to toggle EasyAccents between on and off.

	These maps all work during insert mode.  Type a' a` A' c, etc and
	accented characters result.  ([aeioubcAEIOUBC], then accent)

	If you want a vowel (or [bBcC]) to be followed by an accent character,
	use a backslash to escape it:  a\'  for example will become a'

	By default, the mapping <Leader>eza will toggle EasyAccents, too, by
	calling <Plug>ToggleEasyAccents.  Since <Plug> is used, you may
	override the default mapping with one of your choice:
		map <Leader>EZA	<Plug>ToggleEasyAccents
	where you may change EZA to whatever you wish.

	If g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst is set to zero in your <.vimrc>,
	  then                'a `a `A ,b ,c  etc.
	  (gvim) will map to   á  à  À  ß  ç
	  (accent, then [aeioubcAEIOUBC])

	If g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst is set to one in your <.vimrc> (also default)
	  then                a' a` A` b, c,  etc.
	  (gvim) will map to  á  à  À  ß  ç
	  ([aeioubcAEIOUBC], then accent)

	New with version 6:
	  Also          a@ A@ D@ e@ E@ N~ p@ u@ x@
	  (gvim) map to  å Å  Ð  æ  Æ  Ñ  Þ  µ  ×

	New with version 9: (thanks to Kevin Monceaux)
	                ?@ !@ n~ o~ d@
			¿  ¡  ñ  õ  ð

	Caveat: the maps will not work if "set paste" is on, so that's
	       another way to bypass EasyAccents as needed.

		   EasyAccent Sequence : Output Table
	    | S  O     S  O     S  O    S  O    S  O    S  O |
	    | E  U     E  U     E  U    E  U    E  U    E  U |
	    | Q  T     Q  T     Q  T    Q  T    Q  T    Q  T |
	    | a' á     e' é     i' í    o' ó    u' ú    y' ý |
	    | a` à     e` è     i` ì    o` ò    u` ù    y` ỳ |
	    | a~ ã     e~ ẽ     i~ ĩ    o~ õ    u~ ũ    y~ ỹ |
	    | a: ä     e: ë     i^ î    o: ö    u: ü    y: ÿ |
	    | a^ â     e^ ê     i: ï    o^ ô    u^ û    y^ ŷ |
	    | A' Á     E' É     I' Í    o@ œ    U' Ú    Y' Ý |
	    | A` À     E` È     I` Ì    O' Ó    U` Ù    Y` Ỳ |
	    | A~ Ã     E~ Ẽ     I~ Ĩ    O` Ò    U~ Ũ    Y~ Ỹ |
	    | A: Ä     E: Ë     I: Ï    O~ Õ    U: Ü    Y: Ÿ |
	    | A^ Â     E^ Ê     I^ Î    O: Ö    U^ Û    Y^ Ŷ |
	    | a@ å     e@ æ             O^ Ô    u@ µ         |
	    | A@ Å     E@ Æ             O@ Œ                 |
	    | b, ß     d@ ð     N~ Ñ    r@ ř    x@ ×         |
	    | c, ç     D@ Ð     o/ ø    s, ş    ?@ ¿         |
	    | C, Ç     n~ ñ     O/ Ø    S, Ş    !@ ¡         |


3. Installation						easyaccents-install

	EasyAccents is now designed to be toggled on and off.  When on it may
	interfere with programming languages which often use characters such
	as single-quotes, backquotes, etc.


4. EasyAccents History					easyaccents-history

v10 Aug 03, 2010 :	* ino <buffer> maps need to paired with iunmap <buffer>
    Aug 30, 2010	* works with 've'= or ve=all, g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst
			  =0 or =1, when inserting, appending, or escaping.
v9  Jan 28, 2005 :	* moved usage and installation instructions to this help file
			* g:loaded_EasyAccents (containing version number when loaded)
			  is now separated from b:EasyAccentsOn, which indicates if
			  EasyAccents is enabled/disabled on a buffer-by-buffer basis
			* Now includes mappings for y and Y as vowels
			* Now includes a mapping for r@ (ř)
    Feb 04, 2008	* Included additional accented character support
			  (ñ ð ¿ ¡ and a \@ fix, tnx to Kevin Monceaux)
    Aug 12, 2008	* :EZA command implemented
v8  May 25, 2004 :	* changed \ea to \eza to make EasyAccents cooperate with
v7  May 19, 2004 :	* bugfix: first-column, no virtual edit -> no accented
			  character.  Fixed
v6  Nov 18, 2003 :	* maps for a@ A@ D@ e@ E@ N~ p@ u@ x@ now included
v5  Aug 21, 2003 :	* included g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst option
			* fixed insert vs append bug